Some interesting DWM and Spandau 9x19 boxes


Both boxes came from an old collection, and the Spandau box has been there since about 1962.

The first box is a box which looks like a standard wartime DWM box. The contents are steel cased mE rounds, with the faa headstamp and a 43 year code. The label, however, is written in plain uncoded German and reads:

16 Pistolenpatronen 08 m.E.
Für Pistole 08 beschränkt geeignet
(vereinzelte Hülsenklemmer)
Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.G.
Werk Karlsruhe

16 pistol catridges 08 with iron core
For limited use in P08
(occasional case jams)

The second box, of which I received 2 examples, is a Spandau box with interesting contents, combined with an equally interesting remark on the label. The label has seen better days, and it is a good reminder to stay away from plastic tape, but we can identify enough here:

The 1914 datead Spandau marked ammunition boxes show that the contents consisted of reloaded cases. The cases show a small ‘reload’ circular marking on the headstamps, and the packages mention that the contents were ‘Aufgearbeitet’ (reworked). The contents show a combination of 1910-1913 marked cases from different lot numbers.

My mother was a fine art book-binder and restorer and always said that plastic sticky tape had caused more, and more irreparable damage than anything else that could have been done to books and the printed page. The stuff is the very devil … although it has its purposes around the house

Happy collecting, Peter