Some Interesting items-Made for Movies


below are some items I ran across searching movie prop sites. The red pointed 9mm bullet is from one of the Lethal Weapon movies. It was a tungsten bullet (actually aluminum). It was for sale and I bought a box (filled with a wood block) and a small framed display with photos from the movie and one of the cartridges. The others were either not for sale or had already been sold. The glass bullets were from a Zombie movie as I remember. The 43 BRM headstampp was referred to as a 9mm but who knows. I think the 45mm headstamp was associated with the fancy bullet that looks somewhat like a small jet engine. I found these in 2011 and haven’t looked since. I would like to have the case headstamped “umbrella 9mm” !!!

There is no end to this hobby.



Movie props like these are usually my favorite part. It goes along with the cross-shaped muzzle flashes in Equilibrium that nobody noticed until a year or two after the movie came out, or the awesome, custom Tokarevs in The Kingsmen.____


This is the company that provides a lot of genuine guns to the film-makers and theatres, and will make you up something fancy if you ask nicely:

Last week I saw a display from Bapty of some of their ancient machine guns, including a genuine .45 inch British Gatling gun and a restored 37mm Hotchkiss five-barrel rotary cannon, both of which were fired - blanks only, of course, but lots of flame and smoke!


About 15 or so years ago, I spent a day when Bapty when they were out close to Heathrow. I understand they moved somewhere some years ago. An amazing visit. The Starwars pistol made from an old C96 Mauser, plastic “Saving Private Ryan” rifles and the fancy weapon they made for one of the Terminator movies that the US Army wanted to buy… I had a chance to dig through all there blanks and old casings and boxes and junk boxes that day, and in the afternoon a full original case of Thompson SMGs were delivered. The case had been sealed in the US and shipped to the Soviet Union early in the war and apparently never opened. Bapty had recently bought it from Russia. It was a special moment watching them open it and dig through a large number of wonderful old guns and all the extra mags and other stuff in the case. I understand they were all soon modified as blank only props.

Tony, do you recall the name of the guy who ran, or currently runs Bapty? They are a wonderful place for either a gun guy or an ammo guy to visit.