Some interesting shotshells from Germany

Again all information is welcome.

The frankonia, is that the same as the gunshop from nowadays?

Regards rené

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On the headstamp of the Jupiter case we see the letter H.
What does that mean?

Yes, Frankonia is the same company as today.
It existed from 1908, located at Eichfeld in Bavaria and moved to Würzburg in 1919, where it still located today, having branches all over Germany.

My notes indicate the Jupiter as made by Francotte May & Co. I don’t know the meaning of the “H” or the “L” on my specimen.


For as far as I know, the L stands for Liege.
The city in Belgium.
They can also be found with K in the headstamp, I believe this is Köln??
Can the H stand for Hamburg??
Just thoughts, and always happy to meet somebody to proof me wrong.

Regards rené

Found my own answer.
H stands for Hamburg, these are produced by Gustav Genschow & co during their time in Hamburg.

Regards rené

A headstamp variation without the extra bits on a factory dummy without case print. I had this as made in Belgium, but?

Hi Pete,
Also possible that it French.
When I get some time I will make some pictures of my French jupiter cases.

Regards rené