Some Interesting Speer LE Boxes

I recently acquired the boxes pictured below. There is nothing special in the appearance of the cartridges in the boxes. The "Secret Service box, and the box immediately above it are blank except the the labels shown.

I would appreciate any thoughts, comments or other information on these boxes.

Does someone out there have the Speeer date code that they can share? I have a bit of information supplied by a friend some years ago but I have some questions. If you can help, please send me a PM or email.

PS: My Thanks to the Forum member that helped me acquire these boxes!

Date codes are, from the top:
B26B99 = 26 Feb 1996
B28B23 = 28 Feb 1996
left: E05Z27 = 5 May1994 right (SS box): B08B21 = 8 Feb 1996

Lew, great boxes, thanks fro sharing.

In case it may help, I have pictures of the NYPD box with code E05Z27 and Secret Service Sample #8 with code B08B21.



I added the date codes above. Intresting that three of the four boxes were made within 3 weeks of each other.

These dates are from info supplied by a friend, but seem to work well.

I also obtained the two boxes below:

Lot # H26Y24 looks like the date code for 26 Aug 1993

The yellow plastic box has code: IL16F = 16 Nov 1980 I believe. It could be 2000 but that seems very late for the yellow plastic box.



Nice boxes. I have never seen the first one. Interesting stuff!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all!

John Moss

The “non-toxic training cartridges” box with green label looks like it might be a sample box for the Federal PNT9N solid copper truncated load. They put the words “non-frangible” on all of those boxes so that people would non confuse them with their similarly branded lead-free frangible ammo.

DK (and Lew). I don’t think the green labeled 155 grain Non-Frangible Training Cartridge box is just a sample, if by that, you mean it was offered as an example of a possible label for this ammunition. I have the same box as Lew shows, identical including the lot number of H26Y24.
I also have a lighter green version of the same box, but with the lot number, which is H29Z27 rubber stamped, rather than printed right along with the other elements of the label.
Both of these are over labels on boxes originaly printed (black print right on the white box itself) for the CLEAN-FIRE LFS AMMUNITION, (mm 115 grain (7.4g) Lead Free Solid, Part number 53613.
Since the green labels are over-labeled, it makes, I think, the bar code on the back wrong, since it is the same as for the Clean-Fire LFS, unless the “Lead Free Solid” bullet is, in truth, the same projectile as that described as “115 grain Non-Frangible” on the green labels. I simply don’t know if that is the case or not.

The headstamps on the cartridges from both of the green-label boxes is •SPEER NT•9mm LUGER and the bullets are semi-truncated flat-nose bullet with the stick-figure version of a six-pointed star (raised figure, not impressed) on the flat nose.

Edited for a typo in one word only.

John Moss

I just found out some background on these boxes. They were samples sent to a ballistics lab for testing. The “Secret Service Sample” for example was tested, apparently before the contract was awarded. This explains why most have nonstandard labels.

John, my green label box has the same rounds in it you describe, as would be expected from an identical label. There is faint printing visible under the green label on top.The back is printed with the standard Speen info on LFS ammo along with warnings, etc. One side and one end are blank and the other end and side have white labels glued on them. I can see no evidence there is printing under these labels.


Wonder why they made so much of it if samples? Especially considering the two lots. Seems like serial ;production stuff. Did you consult buff?

On both my boxes, the original label, while not standing out dramatically, can be seen. There is no question about that. I also have one of the boxes without the green over-labels, which confirms the content of those on the over-labeled boxes, as letters than can be seen on them leave no doubt as to the original label.

John M.


I did not ask specifically about the green label box. I was told that all the boxes had been sent to a Lab for testing. It could have been a production box that somebody wanted some testing done on. One of the boxes in the group looks like an ordinary Gold Dot box just like the one with the NYPD sticker. The only thing interesting is that it does not have a date stamp!

I also have the light green label box with code H29Z27. A significant different between the two boxes is the light one was made about a year later than the dark green label. The light green one has nothing on either end. The dark green has “NT RFP-6401” in two lines. I suspect RFP indicates Request for Proposal, the document sent out when the government, or even a company is soliciting bids on an planned buy. I bet 6401 is the last 4 digits on the RFP number. That this box is probably a bid sample (a sample of cartridges submitted for testing by the buyer) would eplain why it was being tested. A bid sample is a requirement of most government RFPs for ammunition I have seen, including the Turkish solicitation for cases and bullets some years ago.


PS: I have not discussed with buff.

Lew - that sounds like a distinct possibility to me now, with that explanation, that the dark green label is a sample and that the light green one from a year or so later represents the serial production.

Thanks for the clarification.

John M.