Some interesting UMC pinfire info & pics!

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I am beginning to think there are many more UMC pinfire box variations than I previously thought!

The first column is the earliest I have found. The label spells out “[color=#000080]Twenty-Five Lefaucheaux Cartridges[/color]” (their misspelling, not mine.) These have no back label and all have the blue seal around the side.

Next the label changes to “[color=#000080]25 Cartridges for Lefaucheaux Revolver[/color]” which they keep from here on. I think now there is a time period that may contain multiple variations of the front label color, and side seal. I also believe for awhile there is still no back label.

Then comes the 3rd generation box. Same front label and new “Guarantee” back label. There are variations here though. The back label on the first two 3rd generation 7mm boxes is different. Also, in the 3rd generation 12mm box there are different side seal colors. Also the last 7mm box’s back is completely different than every other box pictured. Every box except for this one has the mottling only partially over the front and back as you can easily see in the second 9mm box. It is the same way under the back labels.

Lastly after the Remington-UMC merger they must have sold through their stock with placing an over label as seen in the last 9mm box. They keep the misspelled “Lefaucheaux” while also adding “pin fire” to the box.

Interesting point to note is that none of the UMC catalogs misspell Lefaucheux.

Now onto the cartridges. Most of the UMC pinfire cartridges are relatively common, but some are tough to find. They commonly have the “U” headstamp on the 12mm and 9mm sizes. The 7mm never have a headstamp. The blank loads for the 9mm are known to have blue or brown wads as pictured here.

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Until recently I did not realize that the 12mm and 9mm were also made with no headstamp. Everything is exactly the same, just with no headstamp. Shown in the following picture are three 9mm board dummies, 2 live 9mm ball, 12mm blank, and 12mm ball. The first board dummy has “UMC 1888” written on the side. I am assuming this corresponds to the date one of the UMC boards came out. Anyone know?

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Also, here is the board dummies, attached to the board that I previously posted. These too have no headstamp.

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And finally, here are a couple of odd 12mm variations. I have no idea what to think about these. Any suggestions?

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Nice write-up; an article unto itself!
I used to think I knew of most box variations with regard to certain Winchester metal-piercing types in .38spl, .357mag, and.45acp. I am however, now finding more and more tiny variations of print style, print content, factory black-outs (where they cross something out), index number variations, and also child safety warning variations. I don’t even think the manufacturers would know exactly how many box variations they have at times, so always keep looking.