Some Kynoch 470 Nitro and Griffin & Howe 30-06

At the ammo store I occasionally have customers come in who simply want to dispose of old ammo. They are afraid to just throw it in the trash for whatever reason, and they are usually not gun owners. They tend to be relatives cleaning out an estate or some such thing, and they just want to get rid of old ammo safely. Usually this turns out to be worthless old corroded 30-06, 12ga shells, or old .38spl reloads. Today however… I had a man come in and set down 6 boxes of Kynoch .470 Nitro, and 4 boxes of old Griffin & Howe 172gr 30-06 reduced-power loads. He had no interest in money and just wanted them gone. Yes please I say! Not that I have any .470 Nitro customers, but they will make conversation pieces at least. Does anyone know the rough vintage of the Griffin & Howe boxes? The cases in them are all FA 36. I laid 3 boxes out in a way so as to show a composite of the full label:


good on ya Matt.

As to vintage of the G&H my guess would be from 1936 to the start of the world war.
I have an empty, plain jane 10-size brown 2-piece full-cover box with a type-written brown wrap-around label noting this reduced load but with a 220 gr bullet & 15 ga of DuPont 17 1/2 powder. MISTAKE this box & load is for the 350 G&H Mag, But the address is 234 East 39th St.

However I still think this was an uncommon load & only offered for a short time. I don’t have any catalogs from this time period.

Did a Google search & from the company’s history, got this: “In 1930 the company was purchased by Abercrombie & Fitch. Two years later it moved its headquarters to 202 E 44th Street in New York City.”

When you figure out what you would like for a box, please let me know.

Even though A&F bought them they remained G&H . In 1932 they moved to the 44th St. address. In '76 Bill Ward, a G&H employee bought G&H from A&F and moved the company to NJ, They are still in NJ. I don’t think Bill Ward owns it any more. Bill used to travel around the NE to gun shops looking for high end rifles and shotguns that might be lurking in dusty corners. He used to come by my shop at least once a year. G&H was at the 44th st. address from '32 -'76. This label has no zip or child warning. puts it prior to 62 certainly.

The Kynoch boxes may have date codes on them somewhere.

According to the company history published by Griffin & Howe, they moved from 234 East 39th Street to 202 East 44th Street on December, 1932, but I was looking at several advertisements published between 1929 and 1932 and they tell a different story. For example, one from June 1929 says: “New Showroom and model factory - 202 East 44th Street New York City, one block from grand central terminal”. Then, on March 17, 1930 the name changed to “Griffin & Hobbs, Inc.”, and another ad from August 1930 indicate the same address, but company name now is “Griffin and Hobbs, Inc., Formerly Griffin & Howe”. Finally, an ad dated January 1931 shows the company name reverted back to “Griffin & Howe, Inc.”