Some leon beaux primers


[color=#0000FF]PS : Hi Alex ! Interested ??[/color]

[color=#FF0000]To everybody :
I am looking for scans of old (pre WWI) British, German, Austrian, Belgian, Italian catalogues showing shotshells or shotshells factory drawings
I can trade them against old documentation (prior to WWI) consisting in factory drawings, exploded views, articles, aso, about of French, British, German machine guns, rifles, ctges, grenades, fuzes, primers aso.[/color]


In the Cannello 66 drawing, it seems like the primer cup is full of priming composition instead of being in the form of a pellet in the bottom of the cup. Is that correct?


What calibres of artillery cases were these for?


Falcon :
It is written.
One is for mortar, the other one for 57 mm recoiless

Alex :This is for military, not for shotshells .


JP, ok, send it over.


Thanks JP, I didn’t notice that.