Some "Little Bigger" Items: Late .60 Cal. and Early 20mm


Here are some late 40’s / early 50’s items.


  1. .60 Cal. Electric Primed. Note smooth base and no headstamp. The faded case wall stencil looks like “LOT NO FA 2 9”. No date visible. Anyone have one with a good stencil or know the date?

  2. 20mm with 110mm case with no flash hole and headstamped “* F A * 4 9”. There are 1944 dates on the M99 projectile which looks to be retrofitted with a handsome new wind screen.

  3. 20mm with the adopted 102mm case and no primer pocket or headstamp. Inert loaded and sporting a 1952 dated projectile with band marked T61E4.

  4. 20mm with 110mm case that seems to be what the Navy adopted. Headstamped “F A 5 1”. Projectile band marked “20MM T114 - 1951”.



Dave, thanks a lot for sharing!