Some military ammunition

In the first picture,these markings are present:(20mm projectile)
20G TPM99 KOP 114-26
n the second picture:(French 75mm shell casing)
MAI 339 17 SD (there may be others)
In the fifth: 30’06 tracer cartridges
St Louis 44-Rem 43-Rem 40-Rem42-Rem52

I am surprised that no one responded about the 75mm cannon shell.
I thought,that the French 75mm was popular with the Allied Forces,and,as such,would be a favorite collector’s item.

Frank–What was there to respond to? You did not ask any questions concerning the pictures. Also, while the French 75mm is one of the most common artillery cases, decorated cases (Trench Art) while collected by some collectors, is not nearly as popular as the regular case.

I want to know anything about that particular case,that I can learn here.Where it was made;when;by whom. Of course,I would like to know it’s value,but I don’t expect to find that here.


your recent posts & photos are welcome additions to the IAA Forum.

You will find worldwide expertise to the smallest degree of minutia about ammunition and it

Thanks for the help;I certainly need it.
This month,I finally figured out how to post pictures.
On the 75 mm shell casing,none of the markings on the base,are listed in your headstamp list.
The tracers were pictured by mistake.I only want a value check;and this is not the Forum for that.

In the first piture,the top cartridge is completely unknown to me;the bottom one is probably a 22 Winchester Rim Fire
In the second picture,the top cartridge is probably a 22 long rifle shot shell
the bottom one is too long for a short,and too short for a long,I think.
I live in the Mid Hudson Valley (Newburgh).The river is frozen.The Newburgh/Beacon Ferry is frozen,too.

hello i dont have my books in front of me but the top 25 caliber rimfire is most obviously a 25 stevens short. as to the shotshell it is just a shorter 22 longrifle shot cartridge. there has always been a lenght problem with spent shotshells not ejecting because of overlenght case. this must have been one companies solution. hope this helps

Yes,the second cartridge is a 22 Winchester rimfire