Some more 303

I do not know if the one with the red bottem is ligitimit
the one (KYNOCH BIRMINGHAM) is that military or commercial
and the stamp on one of the LEE METFORDS (G? C) is that
George Kynoch?I think steel case production for the 303
ended in 1944 or?2 of those rounds are early target loads

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K C ? C= Cordite. MkII ?
Period before 1906 when no year date in H/s.
SB R S&B Riga ( Latvia) for LE, P14 Rifles and Aircraft MGs of Latvia.
Doc AV

Doc take another look at these.I realise the pics are not that good on those 2 they have
the long sticking out bullet and are listed in Hoyems as Lee metfords the one stamp
says 303 British the other only C or G cannot make it out but they are both the sameno they are not mark 2. but thanks for the sellior + belliot that one flored me thanks I thought the ( R)
stands for Rimmed.

Please can you match up the headstamps with the cartridge pictures please just so we can make a positive identification you 2 long bullets are most likley Palma Match rounds and I suspect that the headstamp with the K C * or KN C * is one of them, I cant quite make out the headstamp. The 2 with the bands are Canadian match rounds, I would think they are the DAC 26 and 36 headstamps. I should be able to identify most of them if you match the headstamps up please.


Yes the 26+36 are the Match rounds the KCor G are both lee metfords.The Kynoch Birminham
is the one with the round nose bullet the one beside the 1936 SB.The Steel case is the one with
the 303 Kynoch 7Z.the one with the red bottom beside it.And the Kirkee Arsenal and the 1921beside it
above the Kynoch Birmingham.Yes Yes sorry for the Mess.look closely you can see the rings on
the target rounds.

The DAC VII 1042 has me stumped on the red head colouring, it could be an experimental or a trial of some kind ??? or just a Bll MKVII that has been stood in some paint ?? but interesting.

The .303 Kynoch 7Z is usually a chemically darkened brass case not steel, can you please check with a magnet. if it is steel you have a very rare round indeed.

Can you please clarify that the 2 rounds with the long bullets are the headstamp G C * and the British .303 headstamps as these are both Palma match rounds with the Palma match bullet in, I have these headstamped Palma rounds in my collection and I have several potos and bits of info on these Palma match rounds I can post if you like. Here is a nice photo of a few of the Match rounds with the longer bullets.
Here you have a couple of .303 Palma and .303 Swift also another one, the shorter one sorry I cant remember the name of that design.

Your Canadian match rounds are for the 1927 Match with the 6 Violet bands the 1926 headstamp was used in the 1926 match but they had 6 Malachite Green bands, The other is from the 1937 Match with the 2 Rosaniline bands.

DAL 21 image VII is just a standard MkVII made in 1921 at Dominion Arsenal, Lindsey

K image F 9 50 & is a Mk7 ball round made in September 1950 at the Kirkee Arsenal

Kynoch Birmingham is a commercial case with what looks like a Ball MkII or MkVI it is impossible to tell the difference with the MkVI having a thinner bullet envelope to increase the stopping power but both bullets looked and weighed the same.

SB R 1936 is as DocAV4901 says S&B Riga

I think thats them all with a bit of info where I have it for you but please let me know about the “Steel” cased Kynoch

many thanks for posting the photos I love to see good quality Headstamp photos.
all the best

the KYNOCH BIRMINGHAM is an advertising pencil, the bullet jacket should be removable with your fingers and it should hold a mechanical pencil

First stings first,you sure were right I put a magnet to that sucker and i would not take it I have 2 of those
well live and learn I would have bet the barn that,that was steel.The 2 with the long bullets they are both
the same but on the one I cannot determine if the one letter is a C 0r a G but I do not think they used
cordite on those yet Hoyems in Vol 3 list these as Lee Metfords.One round seems defenetly quite a bit older than the other and yet they seem the same.That red bottom one I looked at it very hard but I am
not sure myself but the red is deeply seated and there a long time.And the KYNOCH BIRMINGHAM
is a nice stamp,that is why i posted it and not a pencil it looks like a has the typical round
nose bullet for it.

Your Kynoch .303 7Z is the 1948 Olympic match cartridge with darkened case and head.
I got mine years ago from Conjay Arms, UK. Never seen a packet yet.

ron 3350
Thank you for the info now some of this is beginning to make sense,that is the reason for the
steel coloration of that cartridge I have another one like it a with a Canadian stamp( DA^ 1943 V||
but I do not know if it is only a ball round.

Here is a bit of a page from Vol 3 page 139 of Hoyem the cartridge in question is the
4 from the top tryed to take another pic of the older specimen but do not know what to think
is it Georg Kynoch or Kynoch Cordite??

Does your camera have a preview you can use to see if what you photograph is in focus?
this headstamp is quite unreadable.

All the book is showing you is a sample of the different .303 rounds that were used in the .303 Lee Metford/Lee Enfield rifles. I am 100% certain your headstamp is K C * which is a well know headstamp for the Palma Match round you have, I also have the same round/headstamp.

Just to throw something else in to the pot with this cartridge, The “C” for cordite was stopped in 1907 but ringing of primers didnt start until 1915 and we definitly have a “C” and a ringed primer so it looks to me that this is a Match cartridge that has been made from a surplus case from pre 1907 manufacture but why would they then ring in the primer ??? I will have to dig mine out and check the primer to see if mine is ringed in as well

Sorry forgot to say It wouldnt be “GK” for George Kynoch it would be “GKB” for Geroge Kynoch Birmingham early headstamp they didnt use just “GK”


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Re the Kynoch Birmingham 303 being a pencil. Here is part of a ca 1902 Kynoch advert. And if that is a loaded round it didn’t leave the factory that way. This headstamp was only used in their adverting materials, The Bisley board also has this cartridge head(stamp) in the center of it.

I am going to have to dig my cartridge out now and check if it has the pencil in, I am sure I checked it when I logged in the collection. Nice Cartridge board Pete would it be ok if I saved that photo in my files


Ok with me. here is another one. Plus a detail of the text.Kynoch%201897%20Bisley%20board%20small


Yes Pete is correct - the 303 with Kynoch Birmingham is a pencil, no normal ball loads were made with that headstamp. The bullet! looks like a normal round nose ball but it can be pulled out of the case and reversed to use as a pencil. These are shown and illustrated in the 1898 Kynoch catalog.