Some more from czechoslovakia?

Please correct me when I am wrong!!

I have no idea on the poszony one.
Please can anybody help me with it.
It has a straw coloured case.

Regards rené

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Nice shotshells! Regarding the “Pozsony”, I don’t know who made it, but it is the Hungarian name of Bratislava.

To explain the Hungarian name mentioned by Fede, it might help to know that Slovakia was part of the Hungarian half of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Bratislava (its Czech name; Pressburg being the German language name) is the capital of Slovakia.

The case shown on the right in the last photo is from the time Alsace/Elsass was part of Germany after the 1870/71 war until 1918. W.M. means Walbinger & Meuschel of Bischweiler (French: Bischwiller). This case has no connection to Czechoslovakia.

Thanks for the help on poszony!!

I believe this is also from Czechoslovakian manufacturing.