Some more non-dug Russian pinfire cartridges!

Picked up 3 more for my collection! Here are the data sheets on the Russian manufacturers too that I made which will give you more info on them:

Also, here are the non-dug ones by Tula: Russian pinfire made by Tula Cartridge Plant


Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome pieces!

Great find! Thank you for sharing!

Also, interestingly, here is how they came when shipped from Russia. I am assuming it was so he could claim they were art for customs.

The powder and stuff was already removed though; but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry!

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I can’t be the only one who used to play with empty casings like the Matryoshka dolls right?

Also, something something not gonna touch that joke with a five millimeter pin.

You’re certainly not. I made a set of nesting cigar punches that ranged from 32 S&W to 500 Linebaugh Long.

Very cool cartridges, Aaron!