Some more unknown clips, please help to identify


first a Mauser type Clip:

It is 69mm ( 2.714-15 inch Long)
Breite/wide: outside Diameter 13,3 +/- 0,05mm, (0,528)

Maybe someone knews…no markings, but not completed cleaned yet…

The next one is a Garand or similar type Box Clip:
I Show front and side
unbekannt 29,5 proz clip
unbekannt clip 29 prozseite

and than a thirdoneb maybe american

![unbekannt clip

Thx in advance



I think the first clip is for the 0,425" Westley-Richards with the rebated rim, my collection is in storage at the moment and I’ve not got round to putting dimensions on my scans. This clip comes with small spring tabs and holes in the end of the spring that I suspect is an earlier version and one with larger tabs and no holes in the spring. Given the holes in the spring I think these clips were probably made for Westley’s in Germany in relatively small quantities as cartridges of that calibre can’t have been a big seller, they’re certainly not common.

The second one has always been a mystery to me, I have one that’s in bare metal so it has quite a bit of tarnish but to me it looks like it was made from solid, mine is far too substantial to have been pressed from sheet and the slots in the base seem to be milled and not punched … does your one feel the same ?

I’ve never seen any indication of a source for it, it doesn’t appear in the set of Elder drawings and I’ve never seen anything like it in any of the Patent applications I have copies of. I feel they’re tool-room prototypes and they almost certainly are from before the Garand series of clips.

The third one is also unknown to me. From the picture it looks to have been made to drop through the top of the receiver with the loop spring acting as a magazine follower, is there a plate inside the frame to support the cartridges ? Is there a cut out at the back of the frame to allow the bolt-face to catch and push out a cartridge and is there a ramp at the front to guide a cartridge into the chamber ? From the shape of the frame it’s not likely to have been a rimmed cartridge, what is the length from front to back of the inside of the frame ?

Again, it doesn’t appear in any of my references so … totally unbekannt !