Some (new?) 9mm Luger from S&B (NOW WITH pics)

On the last czech meeting i got the following ammo samples from S&B Representative:

  1. Headstamp: 1 645 1 (as for Safe4U, a swedish police supplier) with training bullet of 6,5 Gr (100grs) very tiny hole in front of bullet, Nontox primer, green laquered

  2. Headstamp: Natocross FNB 12 9mm, 8Gramm (124grs) FMJ, blue laquered primer, brasscolored jacketed bt, Neroxin primer

  3. Headstamp: S&B 12 9x19, 6,5Gramm RHFP Frangible bt, 6,5Gramm (100grs) flatnosed, Primer Neroxin, green laquered primer, for L.H.B.Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel

  4. Headstamp: 9x19 SIGAL 11. for DiSi Company, Kiew, Ukraine, 8Gramm (124grs) fmj, primer Neroxin, red laquered primer, brasscolored fmj

  5. Headstamp: S&B 12 9x19 NONTOX , HS (Homogeneous Service) Bullet with large hollow point of 6,5Gramm (100grs), Primer Nontox, blue laquered primer, for Ministry of Interior (HOME OFFICE) CZ

As soon, I can make pictures, I will upload them…


PS: Saw some with headstamp “FRANZEN” from Slovakia, and with an other well known name of a 9mm collector :-)

ALEX my friend was so kind, to upload the pics to this, thx a lot

I just received a fired case with the headstamp “S&B 12 9x19”, no primer sealant. This item came with a just-purchased Springfield Armory XD-9 pistol, made in Croatia. Most , if not all new handguns sold in the US these days come with a fired casing or two to submit for ballistic “fingerprinting” as required in some states… I presume that this particular cartridge was fired at the factory in Croatia, as the date on the envelope it came in reads “26-04-12”. I take this to be a European date format…

Two new Glock 17 pistols purchased last year came with fired aluminum 9mm cases from CCI.


Here the image for Peter:

Here the “Safe4U” website:

Here the “DISI Voentorg” website (here the 9x19 are not listed anymore, may be out of stock already):

The bunters used on the FNB is very similar in style to the ones delivered to FMT here in Denmark (newest are from 2010). Except that they have black sealant in the pa and it is much more neatly put there than this purple colour in the usual ‘splotch’ style of S&B. specimens from before 06 have a different (and smaller) style lettering. -And the NATO cross sits upright, but is tilted from 2006 and onwards.
Thx for the picture.

Soren, to what I have seen in the past Denmark seems to have a whole array of suppliers for it’s 9x19 and 5.56x45 ammo.

Your’e right Alex, but the reason is simple: We are one of the few european countries that actually complies with the EU laws on procurement…
It sounds harsh, I know, but it is from a now retired FMT employee.
AMA, or rather its succesor Expal, had serious problems with the new machinery for 5,56 manufacture and only began deliveries of NATO-compliant ball ammo in 2008, Until then it was a selection of suppliers, among them Karlsborg (070), Radway Green and RUAG in Thun. -Thun still supplies us with ball ammo.

Besides FNB (whoever that may be…) I have not seen any other suppliers* of 9 mm ball than Karlsborg for the military, but the police have bought their training ammo from RUAG, Fiocchi and these days MEN.

*AMA stopped making 9 mm in 1994. I have one white 50 count box with black text from GFL, but that may be a norwegian police box, I am not sure it is for a danish customer.

As for 5.56x45 for Denmark I also have seen DAG, IVI and IMI.

Your info on Expal (Spain) and AMA is very interesting. Thanks for that. It seems that Expal (like CBC from Brazil) is on a European shopping tour for defense related manufacturers.

Interesting subject, keep it coming!

IVI and IMI were also in on the danish market, but it seems they only delivered a few lots, then they faded away, sort of.
One of the exciting things is the diversity of packaging displayed… IMI with two different styles of brown cardboard 30 round slips and boxes.
DAG (I think) is mostly specialty ammo, i.e. tracer, AP, etc.
The Fuchs’ have a picture of a DAG 20 round tracer box in my collection in their books. I keep forgetting to take a picture of a single cartridge for them…

The Fuchs’ have a picture of a DAG 20 round tracer box in my collection in their books. I keep forgetting to take a picture of a single cartridge for them…

There is also a 30rd DAG box for the M/95 tracer dated 2005.

There were also Swedish 5.56x45 M/85 ball made by “CG” for Denmark in 1995.