Some new drill ammo (Pufferpatronen) seen on Amazon

Here pics from some 9mm Luger and 9mm PAK Pufferpatronen (Drill rounds) by unknown Company to me: FLACHBERG.
Here the pics:



found by searching for something else not ammo related :-))

The 9mm PAK are in the first pic and have springloaded primerreplacement inserts

Peter, these 9x19 dummies here kinda remind me of the “Kutna Hora” ones.

EOD and Peter - I was going to say the same thing. Very much like those Czech rounds, which I have only in .45 Auto.

John Moss

Peter, Flachberg is not the manufacturer; these are Italian snap caps made by Stil Crin SRL in Pavone Mella, Brescia, Italy.