Some New Headstamps-Has anyone seen these?


Here are some new headstamps I just learned about from Morten on the Forum. I have been trying to run them down without success. The first is an ICC Non-toxic frangible load. This headstamp was introducte about three years ago (case by IMI). They still had them in stock three months ago, but did a search last week and are all out. There may still be some on gunshop shelves or at gunshows

The second is by Precision Ammunition which made ammo mostly for Police. This is a Reduced Hazard headstamp for a range of ammo they offered. I haven’t even been able to find a box for the more common P-A hst without the RH. P-A was bought by RUAG about 6 months ago and apparently dumped all their P-A headstamp ammo to shooting houses and other outlets and now only sell RUAG ammo.

I suspect the third is an early Extreme Shock headstamp, but I talked to Jeff Mullins before the holiday and he said they had never used this headstamp so who knows.

If anyone finds these cartridges, or anything about them, even empty cases, please let me know. They are all pretty rare items as they stand today, yet two of them were apparently being sold commerically only months ago.

Many of you are involved with the shooting Forums. I would appreciate you reposting this information, or letting me know where you would recommend I post this! Many thanks!!!




I have posted in a couple of places offering $10 for a fired case or $100 for a full box of this ammo.

Please let me know what Gun forums you would recommend I post on.




Two of my favorite gun sites: