Some old ads

in 1904

in 1898:

in 1896:

in 1898:


I am not very successfull !
Despite the fact they are US ads, it is perhaps too old staff.
OK, I stop and will post more recent ctges in my next post.


you can find that new stuff anywhere.

Keep on posting these great old adds… Please.


And furthemore you can find a lot of good info like the developpement of new ctges, powder and even about military weapons !
Incredible good data base.
Here are for example some extracts of articles of 1896

JP-It would very useful, if known, to add the date for each ad.

all of them were from 1896
I just took a quick look because they are so many of them

JP-The first ad from “REMINGTON ARMS UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE COMPANY” dates from 1916-1921, not 1896. This name without the hyphen was only used in those years.

Ah ! you are talking about the first ads at the top.

I was answering you about the last ads I put.

I didn’t note the dates at the beginning of my search, but now I am doing again my search year per year.