Some other 9 para boxes from Fiocchi



Oups !!! I forgot one !!!


Hi Jean-Pierre - I will see you at St. Louis. I understand you are going. It has been a long time.

Nice boxes from Fiocchi. Is the Taiwanese box also from Fiocchi? I know about a lot of these NPA cartridges from RSA and the US, but didn’t know anything about Chinese ones.

Are you collecting 9mm now? Let me know if you are. I have plenty of stuff in that caliber. I am still at the auto pistol stuff.

Thanks for posting those great pictures. I have a lot of Fiocchi boxes, but there are several there I have never seen. I also am still trying to get the box and special rounds made by them for that company in Switzerland (you showed a box for them).


Hi John !
It has been such a long time Ihaven’t seen you ! It will be a pleasure to meet you again.

All the boxes I showed (Taiwan,Switerand,aso) are from Fiocchi. 100 % positive.

About the hstps, I remember only one :
NPT (at 12 oc), 3 (at 3 oc), 05 (at 6 oc).

I do not collect 9 para but only shotshells.

Because you are collecting auto pistol stuff, I will put some others boxes of interest for you in another topic.

thanks John !