Some Photos of Japanese Cartridge boxes and Crates (Including a Snider Crate) Posted on Twitter (Not WWII)

Quote (Google translator)
“There was an antique shop in a walking distance that was a short distance.
For the time being, I bought a Sneider ammunition box and tent for the Meiji period.”

Some background information on the Snider in Japan-

7.62x51mm box and 20mm crate

12.7x99mm crate (over pack)

5.56x45mm & 7.62x51mm boxes

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Brian, thanks a lot for digging these up!
Appears this is a parallel universe over there…

That Snider crate is great. 1878 dated.
I have a Murata crate but that is the first Japanese Snider crate that I’ve seen.
I also have some of the modern 7.62 cartons.

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Quote (Google translation): “JSDF 20rds 5.56mm ammunition boxes.
AK58J Type89 Ball, AK60J Type89 Blank, AK59J Type89 Tracer.”

Quote (Googel translation): “JSDF 5.56x45mm Ball AK58J”


Love that 20mm crate in your second pic…

I’ve bought a similar one a few years ago. I normally do not collect crates, but this rare and beautifull marked crate needed to be in my collection.



Frontside markings
20mm普通弾 ー> 20mm ball ammunition
100発バルク ー>100 shots bulk
ロット NS-4028-59 ー> Lot NS-4028-59
かし担保期限 昭61.2 ー> Warranty period Feb 1986 (Shelf-life ?)
CP 日本工機株式会社 ー> CP Nippon Koki Co., Ltd.
昭59-12製 ー> Made in 1984-12 (Showa Year 59)
日本工機(株)白河製造所 ー> Nippon Koki Co., Ltd. Shirakawaseizosho

inside markings
製造年昭和59年 ー> Year of manufacture 1984
ナスクリエート(株) ー> nas-create, Inc.


Orpheus, right you are! Thank you for sharing!

“Ball” here will mean TP or?

Alex, not 100% sure, but as far as i know ball means tp (in my 20x102 world…).
So far, i only encountered 2 types of Japanese made 20x102 rounds, blank and TP (and TP with DUMMY markings)


Orpheus, me too! Thank you for the photos!
I am just assuming it since if I remember correctly the first US made 20x110 HS TP were also designated “ball” and if we are looking at UK designations in their early days of 20x110 and 20x120 Madsen they used the term “service projectile” for what we are calling TP now. And back in the 1930s and early 1940s these were still considered “war ammunition” and were used in actual combat sorties (as for shooting at aircraft it would not need a real AP for example when just deep penetration for like engine blocks is required while HE likely will detonate earlier on the aircraft fairing ).
Maybe the Japanese do the same if their vocabulary is associating practice with something like blank or dummy.
Might be only a question of language habits.

I may have posted this before, but it would seem to fit into this thread. Below is a photo of the box label for Post-WWII Japanese .25 Auto ammunition. The cartridge is ordinary ball with a GM FMJ RN bullet, brass case, nickel Boxer Primer with red primer seal, and headstamped " 62 P " with the "62 " at 12 O’Clock and the " P " at 6 O’Clock. This is Police ammunition. I believe this caliber was used primarily by Female Japanese Police officers, who I have been told carried FN-Browning .25 auto pistols.

If someone could translate the label here, it was be great!

John MossJapanese .25 Auto Ctg Box Postwar 2

John Moss

Very cool and interesting. I have a Japanese Albini Braendlin rifle chambered for .577 Snyder. I always wondered when the Japanese started making military cartridges.

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You may have known John Scott, a number of years ago he sold me two cartridges in plastic tubes labeled “Prussian NEEDLE GUN Japanese Mfg” Apparently obtained from a Col. Dockerty (spelling??). He was involved in Japan just after the war and labeled them as Japanese made because he obtained them there. Not thinking they could have been purchased for use.

Ken Elks notes “no examples of definite Japanese manufacture have been encountered” when he discusses the Snider cartridge in his Japanese Ammunition books.