Some questions on 9x19 MEN headstamps

I need help with some MEN headstamps on 9x19 cartridges:

What is a meaning of digit 9 after MEN marking?

And what is a meaning of S in this headstamp? May be Sintox?

Sorry, I can’t help much. I have the top headstamp and I suspect that it it was a two digit date from the 90s with the last digit removed. I have it on a normal looking ball load.

The second headstamp “MEN-S 2 9mmX19 94” is a totally new headstamp to me!!! Hope you found a number of them. I have not heard of it before.

Thanks for the great info.


The location and style of the date on the MEN-S reminds me of a Dutch DAG Action contract loads. I have not heard of a Dutch contract load by MEN.

Gyrojet—any information on this?



Hi, Lew

Thanks for answers! The case MEN-s was really came from Netherlands and could be from Dutch police contract.