Some questions regarding shotshells primiing systems

Starting learning Russian and Soviet shotshells, I was not able to find any information regarding primer pockets designs in Russian language literature. Only simplified versions was mentioned, for example - “primer pocket for open-type primer”

So I need a help to find correct names of the primer pockets (or priming systems) designes, and, if possible - some brief information: who was the designer, year (or period) of invetion, patent #, etc., for below mentioned case constructions:

1 - Typical brass case with Berdan type primer pocket and primer. May be Berdan primer pocket with 3 flash holes has special name?
2 - Paper case with independent primer pocket and anvil looks like trident. Some Russian sources call this priming system “Utendorfer”, but I am not sure that this is a correct name
3 - Paper case with Berdan type priming system. The primer pocket made as independent part of the case base. I can show only a picture with case base, without paper body, for a pitty
4 - paper case with straight hole for “Gevelot” primer (Official Soviet designation for such primers). In SFM catalogue this primer mentioned as “Amorcage ferme, systeme S.F.M.”

Thanks for any info