Some questions regarning .380 revolver cartridges

Some times ago one my friend presented me these cartridges. I have never seen such rounds before, so I need some help with them:

  • Does these cartrideges had inside primers?
  • What is a correct caliber designation for each cartridge?
  • Does the FMJ, non-magnetic bullet of the left one is original load?
  • What is a meaning of headstamp “C-30” on the base of the right cartridge?

Thanks for any comments

The meaning of the C-30-7.65 is simply Caliber (Calibro) .30" - 7.65 mm. These are inside-primed cartridges. That cartridge is the 7.65 Pickert, a revolver version of the 7.65 mm Browning Automatic cartridge. Since the original Browning round is semi-rimmed, I believe that ehy will work in the revolvers as well as the inside-primed Pickert round. Only Fiocchi made the Pickert. There is a 6.35 mm Version also, but while the 7.65 Pickert is common, you seldom see the 6.35 mm version, at least in the USA. By the way, some sources have said the “C” on the Pickert headstamps stands for “Cartuccia” (cartridge, singular - “Cartucce” in plural), and I have no documentation to dispute that, but I believe “Calibro” is more logical.

I don’t know anything in particular about the revolver cartridge next to it.

Is it possible the images of the headstamps are transposed in the first post? The cartridge on the left looks far more like a rimmed .32 auto than the one on the right, and yet the headstamp on the right seems to agree with John’s comment. Jack

The .30-7,65 as listed in Fiocchi’s 1926 catalog:

The rimmed versions of the 6,35 mm Browning and 7,65 mm Browning for revolver were also offered by Léon Beaux in FMJ and blank loadings, both with outside primers. I always wondered how the Pickert revolvers became associated with these two cartridges because they had been always listed as “6.35 mm Browning” and “7.65 mm Browning” caliber and illustrated with pistol cartridges long before the known introduction of the “Pickert cartridges”. Anyway, they are also interesting because some models have a “collectable” and hard to find 5-shot clip housed in the grip. I have seen one of these clips and it worked with semi-rimmed pistol cartridges but I haven’t tried the Italian rimmed rounds.

The .380 Long cartridge was listed by Léon Beaux as the “.380 Lungo” under heading “Cariche da Revolver Centrali a Capsula Coperta”.

No, the headstamps corresponds to the side view of the cartridges

treshkin, as Jack noted, the headstamp pictures are evidently inverted.

Sorry! You are and Jack right! I check the cartridges and find that I implicate the headstamps on the picture

Just to add somthing,

my 7.65 mm Pickert samples, a ball loading and a blank with star crimp, are from Leon Beaux.

Both have LBC *765 * headstamps and have outside primers

The “C” in the Fiocchi hds clearly means “calibro”

Thanks all for great comments and info!
Sorry for my mistake with picture