Some Rare Percussion Caps

Picked up a collection of 300+ early percussion caps and primers and maynard tapes and tube primers and pills and early percussion powder and etc. I’ll share some of them as I photograph them.

Super rare US marked musket cap used in 3rd Seminole War. Some were found at Fort Meade in Florida.

Norwegian Lion

Sellier & Bellot eagle

Norwegian Needle Fire

Six petals

Samuel Smith British Patent 5978 of 1830

Chas. Jones, British Patent 6394 of 1833; Raised J on inside of Cap

T. Starkey British Patent 9188 of 1841


A green Maynard tape in the bunch?


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Ah, so but not a complete roll. Rare piece.

Some goodies in that bunch.

I got curious about these now and found this.
Maybe of interest to someone.

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Interesting Aaron, the crown logo on the Smith’s Patent you show is different to the two styles I have.

Type 1 with a quite elaborate crown.

Type 2 with a very simple crown.

What maybe hard to visualise from the pictures is that the primer compound is only in the bump in the middle of the cap which in a side view is very pronounced.
Side View

Inside of cap

View of the nipple top which shows the grove in the top of the nipple to ensure that the “flash” went through the hole and did not get locked out by the hammer sealing the cap on the nipple.


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