Some recent finds


Just picked up a bunch of cartridges from an older gentleman…

Included were a couple of 45-70 tinned cases… Early Frankford Arsenal???

Also found a few Eley’s “SR” rounds…

Thanks to a very smart member (Thanks):

Bullet Dia: 0.427"
Rim Dia.: 0.629"
Case Length: 2.23"
OAL: 2.95"

Winchester still making .303 in 1949???


I think that “SR” stands for “Spanish Remington”


Winchester kept making Military Contract FMJ .303 well into the 1980s.

The 1949 manufacture was probably for Israel, '49 dated examples have been noted in the Middle East, and Indonesia bought a lot of Winchester Military FMJ in .303, 7,92 and .45ACP in the 1950s ( Mostly with the Commercial WRA headstamp (no dates).

Ireland bought WRA .303 in the 1970s and 1980s…some of this has come onto the surplus market in the last 5 years.

Whether this ammo ( Post-war WRA) was made at the New England Plant, or at the Western Plant at East Alton , Illinois, is not certain.

The New England plant/s did dispose of a lot of .303 and 7,92 machinery to Israel in 1946-1950 as a result of “disposal” of GOCO machinery ( Gov’t owned, Contractor operated) from WW II.

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Some more:

.50 Spencer rimfire… Blank (left) and ball (right)

.450/577 Martini

11.3x50R Beaumont M71


and more…

A .577 Snider family (any insight would be appreciated.)