Some RST shotshell hull images


Headstamps are unremarkable on these, but for those interested in hull print, here are some RST loads, all vintage low-pressure stuff. The 12ga & 16ga are 2.5", while the 20ga is 2.75". The unprinted one on the far left is a 2.00" 12ga #5 shot. Blue & red are paper hulls.


Cool idea of stamps.


I shoot a lot of RST ammo. In a variety of British and Continental guns. Great quality. They make a lot of custom loaded fiber wad shells, paper and non-toxic also as well as custom printed for shoots or gun clubs. Morris Baker is a good friend have been through his production facility many times( not a huge facility). Stayed at his home early in Sept. for the Cobb Invitational shoot in PA.
Cheddite hulls are the primary case used.


I got to looking at these and went to the gun room to see what variations I had for 12, 16, 28 in 2.75, 2.5 and 2". I did not check the flats in the cellar to see what variations are in boxes. RST has a lot of different color hulls, print colors and load variations that are constantly changing as well as brass height. 24 and 32 bore, .410, 10 bore are also loaded. Collecting just the variations of loads of this brand alone will keep you busy. Hull colors are not necessarily limited to a particular gauge. Morris has a tough time getting enough hulls from cheddite to meet demand so colors may vary with availability. Here is a few of the shells I grabbed from the ammo stock in the gun room.

This 28 ga. load was made for a gun club/shooting preserve somewhere in the southern US. Fiberwad has a retriever and shotgun printed on the hull

16 bore I know I have other variations. The fired hull on the left was printed for the Vintagers Cup shoot. They were printed in all Gauges except 10.

!2 bore 2" plastic hull roll crimp on left. I think most of their 2" is all paper now.

2.5" 28 bore 5/8 oz load.
I never gave much thought to just how large the variety of shotshells they load …