Some SLICS finds

Hands down the best round I found at SLICS was this .30 Light Rifle (7.62 x 49) with Bernstein type projectile. The case is FAT 1E1 case and the bullet was designated the FAT 12. The headstamp is F A 49, the primer is nickel plated and has a red ps. See HWS3 p. 159.

Another welcomed find was this 14.5mm from the first year of production. The headstamp is 3B 40. What is neat about this round is that it has a very thick case web.


This next one is outside my knowledge/interest, but it’s kind of neat. I’m assuming that it’s a gas cartridge. It utilizes a shotgun shell primer for the rim and the ‘headstamp’ is on the front face of the case.



Saw that 3B 40 & passed on it because I thought I had it. I’m glad I did because I did have it & you got it, but the whole point of this is that it is one for the rifle, which predated the MG.
The 8mm WILD CAT is a new one to me the light rifle is fantastic!

Paul, great finds, thanks for sharing.

The 8 mm Wild Cat is a blank made and patented by Carlo Alberto Toffoli, Forli, Italy. There is another variant from an earlier box having a red seal, but it is also a blank.


Patent: 587992.pdf (413.7 KB)



Really nice finds Paul, specially the 14,5 with this 1940’s headstamp!!Do you know if it is an AP or an API?
Below are an API from 1944 and an unknown one from 1942, I have to make an x-ray to legitimate it…

Very nice finds indeed.

Thanks Fede. I somehow knew that you’d have the solution.

Laurent - good question. I don’t know. There might be some residual colour on the projectile, but so little I can’t tell.

Pete - thanks for leaving the 14.5 for me!

Ok - a couple of new ones:

  1. What is this symbol on this .308 MEN proof (knurled rim)?

  1. Some .50 ARES. The one with the primer is a weighted dummy.

  1. A 5.6mm Eiger pressure test. I love PT rounds!


The symbol after .308 WIN is an antler of a deer, identifying the Ulm proof house. I assume this is a proof round made by MEN for Ulm.

Jochem is correct,

Here is a copy of the label from Brandt/Hamann/Kaltmann/Kiehn book:



Could a similar “antler” shape have been used on WWI aerial flechettes? I have three with a very similar stamping (two with additional numbers and letters.

I will post photos but a challenge using an I phone without a mouse to drag and drop

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Your flechettes are probably fakes.
These flechettes made from machine reamers and now
flooded the market.


Agreed. I search any possible reference for any vintage photos and when I don’t find one in a 100 year time span…I conclude the same. Those examples go in the drawer under “suspect” authenticity. Some of the stamping are rather elaborate and in themselves bring to question “why” for the intention of “dumping out of a plane” ?