Some Slovenian and Serbian shotshells

Just liked to show these.
Not all I have but a good selection.



Very, very nice to see. Thanks


Though Krusik is Serbia.

You’re right. 😰😰
I will change the topic

No matter if Slovakia, Serbia or others from ex-Yugoslavia.
All are good to see.

In case you have more from Yugoslavia keep them coming.

See this topic.
Still searching for information on the red one.

Not really my cup of tea but very, very nice to see, René.

Great collection René, thanks for sharing.



Do you know which are the Slovenian ones?

as in are the top group of headstamps supposed to be Slovenian and those on bottom Serbian?

The krusik ones are from Serbia !
Two headstamps and the cases from second and third picture

Strictly speaking, in my opinion none of them should be classified as Slovenian, since they date from the unified Yugoslavia era, either in Kingdom or Socialist Federal Republic form.

Hi Fede,
You are correct about that.
This is just to make/keep it simple.
Looking at when certain shells were produced, I can think of more countries that no longer exist.