Some small collections for sale

I am doing some fund-raising for my SLICS trip and I have a few auctions listed. There are a couple large 9mm collections shown with a few other calibers included of special-purpose oddball stuff for sale, as well as a nice collection of various mulitiball pistol cartridges. I’ll be listing a couple more over the next couple days, including a specialty shotshell group:

Thanks for helping the IAA,keep up the good work
Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
Sgm,.USA. Ret.

Should have said thanks for helping “SLICS” either way keep up the good work.

Sorry - I should have clarified (I edited above). I am doing some fund raising for my trip to SLICS. Not for SLICS directly. Although I do donate stuff for the auction when they come around and ask, and I am offering a seminar presentation and table display this year.