Some South american beauties


Fede started with some really nice South American shells ( thank you for posting them )
And I thought I add some “German made” shells.
All these are made for South America, mostly Argentina, by or under license of German manufacturers.

Just enjoy.

Many regards rené

Top wads - little summary from IAA forum

Hi René,

Great selection! These are all Argentine brands or made for the Argentine market.

First row, from left to right:

1 - “La Perdíz” (The Patridge) made for Carlos Moll, importer and distributor of Walsrode Powder.
2 - Geco B.M.D. made for Alfredo Gottling, owner of the gunstore named “La Porteña” (the feminine demonym of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires).
3, 6 & 7 - “El Correo” (The Mail) made for Hasenclever y Cía.
4 - “El Casco” (The Helmet) made for Kirschbaum y Cía.
5 - Geco of Argentina.

Second row, from left to right:
1 - “Tejón” (Badger) made for Kirschbaum y Cía.
2 & 5 - “El Correo” (The Mail) made for Hasenclever y Cía.
3 - “Faisán” (Pheasant) distributed by Pedro Wörns.
4 - “Mirasol” (name of a bird found in Argentina; English equivalent is “Stripe-backed bittern”) made for Adolfo Voelker.




Hi Fede,

many thanks for the info about them.
For some reason I had the El Casco listed as Chili, but now I can write Argentina behind it.

regards rené


Some more to add to rené’s excellent post.
The one on the right by Jan Lopez & Cia is marked as a “Kynoch’s Patent Perfectly Gastight” case. The dark purple is also a T. Raseti.


Pete, nice shotshells! The Kynoch for Juan López & Cía is very hard to find.

Here is a Rasetti catalog excerpt from the late 1930’s that includes the “T-Raset” brand: