Some South american beauties

Fede started with some really nice South American shells ( thank you for posting them )
And I thought I add some “German made” shells.
All these are made for South America, mostly Argentina, by or under license of German manufacturers.

Just enjoy.

Many regards rené

Hi René,

Great selection! These are all Argentine brands or made for the Argentine market.

First row, from left to right:

1 - “La Perdíz” (The Patridge) made for Carlos Moll, importer and distributor of Walsrode Powder.
2 - Geco B.M.D. made for Alfredo Gottling, owner of the gunstore named “La Porteña” (the feminine demonym of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires).
3, 6 & 7 - “El Correo” (The Mail) made for Hasenclever y Cía.
4 - “El Casco” (The Helmet) made for Kirschbaum y Cía.
5 - Geco of Argentina.

Second row, from left to right:
1 - “Tejón” (Badger) made for Kirschbaum y Cía.
2 & 5 - “El Correo” (The Mail) made for Hasenclever y Cía.
3 - “Faisán” (Pheasant) distributed by Pedro Wörns.
4 - “Mirasol” (name of a bird found in Argentina; English equivalent is “Stripe-backed bittern”) made for Adolfo Voelker.



Hi Fede,

many thanks for the info about them.
For some reason I had the El Casco listed as Chili, but now I can write Argentina behind it.

regards rené

Some more to add to rené’s excellent post.
The one on the right by Jan Lopez & Cia is marked as a “Kynoch’s Patent Perfectly Gastight” case. The dark purple is also a T. Raseti.

Pete, nice shotshells! The Kynoch for Juan López & Cía is very hard to find.

Here is a Rasetti catalog excerpt from the late 1930’s that includes the “T-Raset” brand: