Some Soviet stuff


anyone is welcome to “name the items” game ;)


I will try!!!

  1. fired 7,62x35 SP-3
  2. unfired SP-3
  3. unfired 7,62x42 SP-4
  4. fired SP-4
  5. fired 7,62x62,8
  6. unfired 7,62x62,8
  7. fired 7,62x62,8
  8. unfired 7,62x62,8
  9. 9,1x92 grenade blank


1-2 7.62х38 SP3
3-4.7.62х40 SP4
5-6. 7.62х63 PZ
7-8. 7.62х63 PZAM
9. 9х93 PFAM


Максим, пункты 5, 6, 7 и 8 до сих пор секретны и запрещены к международному пересылу. Смотрите, не создайте себе проблем если кто-то из зарубежных коллег попросит их прислать. Я понимаю что в России их можно достать без проблем (имея определенные связи). Но с таможней и ФСБ шутки плохи.


Well, Firefox shows the correct russian text, bit it cannot translate yet, so I let Google have a chew on it:

Maxim, paragraphs 5, 6, 7 and 8 are still secret and forbidden to international mailing. Look, do not create a problem if someone from their foreign colleagues will ask to send. I understand that in Russia they can get it without any problems (with some links). But with the customs and the FSB to be trifled with.

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mausernut, you have almost correctly transferred. I will explain more in detail. I wished to give a gift to the colleague from the USA and to send he a collection of the newest Russian cartridges. I have collected some different pieces, but have asked for suggestions the familiar officer of special services. He has looked documents and has told to me what cartridges still are confidential also I will have problems if I will try to send them for limits of Russia.


well, i somewhat doubt that PZ series are really on the “classified” list, but I can believe all right that sending any of these through the borders will most probably not made it, even is properly deactivated.

so, I just wished to show the stuff to our western colleagues.


Apparently it is difficult to get any ammunition out of Russia, even leftovers from the Germans in World War 2. Is this true?


Yes it is true. The Russian customs officers are silly and do not know laws. Therefore they are afraid of any military items. And still, almost all of them work in customs to take bribes. They declare illegal even legal items that you have bribed them.


So how much would you have to pay them to let the PZ cartridges out?


I assume these were the cartridges you had e-mailed me about?


No, I wrote about other cartridges

They begin from 100$


I didn’t mean the cartridges themselves, I meant how much do you have to pay the customs officer?


Falcon, I think 2M meant exactly that.


People–I would be careful about talking about bribing customs officers of any country. You have to assume Big Government (U.S. and others) are monitoring this Forum (and all other Gun related forums).As they say "The Walls have Ears!)


One seller offered me in Moscow 6 and 8 paragraphs on 40 dollars for each. This seller very greedy and always has very much a big price. I think that could find these cartridges (inert) for 25 dollars, but I should use acquaintances. But I will not send these cartridges out of Russia yet I will not be firmly convinced that I will not have problems. Now I have sent a parcel to the USA with other inert cartridges. Parcel contents absolutely legally. But I will worry while the recipient will not receive this parcel.


I wasn’t actually interested in this round, or bribing the customs, I was just wondering about it.