Some unknown headstamps and unusual items

Recently picked up these cartridges and am trying to figure out the headstamps.

All the first picture are 7.62x51 rounds.

First one is PS 78 (doesn’t show very well in the photo). I’ve encountered this headstamp on .30 Carbine and 5.56 NATO ammunition as well. The 5.56 rounds are headstamped PS FEB 80 5.56.

Second one is either Bulgarian or Austrian. It’s very similar to some HP stamped 7.62x51 that I have.

Third one is definitely Bulgarian.

Fourth one is unknown, it is simply marked “308” and that’s it. I’ve also encountered this type of headstamp on .243 brass. I’m thinking it could possibly be Bertram, but not sure.


The plain 308 is SUPER Cartridge Co. I think they used the old Footscray factory after the war for commercial manufacture. Bertram may have got hold of some cases from this factory.

Is the second one (* 10 * 7.62x51) magnetic in any way?

I found a few boxes of this on Armslist:

Though similar, it appears to only have a five-pointed star instead of six.

Also, searching the forum, found an old thread discussing Bulgarian 7.62x51:
Link to forum post
It seems like everyone is confident that your example would be Austrian manufactured for export.

Stars used with Hirtenberger headstamps: 7.62 x 51 Headstamp Questions

Josef Motz mentions this headstamp/cartridge in his book Austrian Military Cartridges, Vol. 2 on page 128, section on export cartridges, listing it as possible export to Indonesia. The headstamp pictured in the book probably (the lighting in the photograph makes it hard to tell for certain) has a headstamp with a 5 pointed star at the 9:00 position and a 6 pointed asterisk at the 9:00 position. How this relates to the headstamp described by NATO Dave/Joe (joeinco1), above, with two “stars” in the headstamp is not known. Motz in his book pictures headstamps having two 5 pointed stars or two 6 pointed asterisks or a one 5 pointed star and one 6 pointed asterisk.

I just opened a sealed 20 round HP export box of 7.62x51mm BALL, the headstamps of which fit into the description of the cartridge discussed above. Pictures below, box label and contents:

Brass case, GMCS bullet (magnetic), nickeled primer with green seal, dated (19)79 and the headstamp on these cartridges has a 5 pointed star at the 9:00 position and a 6 pointed asterisk at the 3:00 position.

Does anyone know what the significance is of having two five pointed stars or two 6 pointed asterisks or one 5 pointed star and an asterisk in the headstamp?

Appreciate any information!



I contacted Josef MÖTZ and asked if there was significance to the use of the 5 pointed stars or the 6 pointed asterisks in headstamps by HP for 7.6x51mm cartridges and he kindly replied with the following:

"Honestly spoken: No!

The 5/6 configuration was the usual one.

I spoke to several former employees of HP about this question but nobody knows anything.

Possibly the 6/6 configuration is an old one of the 1950s and -60s.

I believe that they simply did not care, so there is very possibly no special meaning of all the configurations…