Someone else's ammo collection


I met a very nice gentleman, Daniel Dietz, at a gun show. He is also an IAA member, collects “unusual and experimental cartridges” as his business card says. He sold this friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend collection to me, a totally different way of displaying ammo. If I find anything interesting in it, I’ll post later.


Vlad - was that Danny Dietz from New Jersey? If so, a name from the past for me. Danny used to come out to the Chicago Show with Dick Manos every year. Sharing much the same interests, and with Dick Manos being, along with Lew Curtis, the first cartridge collectors our of my own area that I met, we used to spend some time together at the show and went out to dinner at least once every show. When Dick Manos passed away, Danny stopped coming to the shows, unfortunately. I miss him. He was a super nice guy, and very, very knowledgeable.

I hope you found him in good health and cheer! If you have any more correspondence with him, tell him John Moss says hello.

John Moss


Danny is still around and I see him at gun and cartirdge shows in the Allentown/Philadelphia area. I’ll probably see him this weekend. I’ll tell him he was discussed and missed.


Yes, from NJ, we are actually almost neighbours, except I am on NY side. If anyone wants Mr.Dietz’ phone and address, please PM me.