Something for Civil War Artillery projectile fans


Today I had the incredible good fortune to get to school just as the History Honor Society was setting up for their annual used book sale. Among the gems I snagged were three volumes on Civil War artillery projectiles: “Field Artillery Projectiles of the Civil War” (both first and second editions) and the companion “Heavy Artillery Projectiles” etc., all by Sydney Kerksis and Thomas Dickey. Signed, too!

Not only that - apparently these came from the estate of a professor (A. Q. Cato) who was a Civil War projectile collector too, and friends with one of the authors (Dickey). In one of the books were a half-dozen letters, including additional photos. Here’s one:

This is a 4.2" Confederate flanged percussion shell, 6 drag ratchet flanges on body (according to the back of the photo).

Anyway, just thought I’d share. I’m guessing it is in the second edition but I haven’t looked it up yet.

I’m sure I passed up some other great books, but us po’ college students can’t afford everything we want!


You lucky wombat!