Something for fun

Moravian gathering of collectors a little differently.

  1. Main purpose.
  2. Some snacks.
  3. preparation.
  4. Final effect.
    Please admin if it is not appropriate to delete.
    Sincerely, Franta.

Great pictures.
Thanks for sharing.
I recognize Jan and few other faces.
A great part of the cartridge collecting groups are the people you meet, friends you make and fun we have at meetings and of course the great food and drink.

Where was this taken and how do you get invited? I’m hungry after seeing this!

It is in Moravia, Křenovice near Slavkov. Where Napoleon painted it to 3 armies.
We will make an appointment with my friends in time.
We do a demo and replace the cartridges, and then we care about the fun.
If anyone wants to join is not a problem, accommodation and meals provided if not too demanding.
Sincerely, Franta.

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Please,please hand me one of those sausages never mind the cartridges

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I know of one “guest” that did not have fun!

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I am seeing many familiar faces in those photos.
Good people all.
I hope to visit you again one day


Hi Pedro,
we will be happy to welcome you again.

I wish I was there :-) Love sausage and a good time!!!

Johny C, I assume you mean the pig ? :-)

Of course…although he was the guest of honor!

Wish I had been there! Lots of familiar faces.


You should put names with the persons in the pictures.