Something X 51R

Can anyone help me with this cartridge?
Dark green wooden bullet aprox. 7,2 - 7,5mm diam (not quite circular).
Caselenght 51mm - Total lenght 76mm.
Headstamp possibly 2 17 P M?

Thanks Finn

This is a regular 7.62x54R made by Polte of Magdeburg (Germany) for captured Russian weapons back in WW1.
Some of this ammo was later supplied to Finland. This is where the cartridge got reloaded as a blank (here it should be home guard I think) and when case necks were cracking and got damaged the cases got shortened as length did not matter with blanks.

Great,thanks a lot!

Alex got it identified already but I’m not sure if it was for the Finnish civil guards or the army… Loaded most likely in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

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It can be 8,2 x 50R Mannlicher M88/93 blank, but for better identification is needed diameter of base / rim.

Thanks for your interest @THV.
Rimdiameter is 14,3mm
Basediameter is 12,3mm
Can you also tell me anything about the headstamp?