South African 20x139 Case Manufacturer ID

I recently acquired another 20x139 Case that I believe is South African like the other one I had, which I still have never had a certain ID on.

This case is a gloss black lacquered steel case headstamped “20 mm A 94 SE”. I thought the “A” marking on the case could be Armscor/PMP.

It has a brass screw-in primer with three semi-circular tool holes. The primer is marked "DM64 320 B 94.

Can anyone say for certain who the manufacturer is?

  • @ Falcon: Since the primer screw is marked with the letters “DM”, it may be German made. Liviu 02/23/08

Not necessarily. It is likely to be just a copy of the German design. This can be seen with several other ammo items being copied by other countries.

I was told that Woodin Lab confirmed that my other case was South African made, and this case is of an identical style with identically arranged markings, so as far as I know it is RSA made.

It is definitely South African made. I have made a scan of the two pages from the official manual but can’t find how to email them to you. I don’t have a public place to put pictures so can’t place them on the forum.
“A” = aanleg which means “plant” or “factory” in this case it is PMP in Pretoria. Only other I know of is “B”, also PMP but a different (new) plant in the same place. I am still not sure about the primers, possibly imported from Germany but unlikely - South Africa was embargoed during the Bush War years and Germany was pretty strong on that.

Thanks, here is a scan of the other South African 20x139 headstamp I have.

In case you have difficulty seeing it (it was an awkward round to scan, as it is painted black). The case headstamp says : “20mm D 00 VM” and the primer says “DM 64 343 D01”.

I assumed that “D” was Denel and “A” was Armscor, but could “D” be another PMP Plant? What do the “SE” and “VM” on these headstamps mean?

The A 94 SE case was picked up from a firing range in the UK.