South african 20x139

I need help with hedastamps on 20x139 from south africa.
The headstamps are “20mm D 00 VM” and "20mm D 07 WY"
Which is the meaning of the letters “VM” and “WY”?

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The only information/discussion I can find indicates the 2 letters (that follow the 2 digit year designation) may be a production lot code; see … can+rounds

Does the D in the headstamps stand for Denel SOC Ltd, parent company of the ammunition maker PMP (Pretoria Metal Pressings), Pretoria West, South Africa ?


Yes, Denel ist the only company in SA producing medium cal. ammo.


The “WY” is the lot.

“WY” is the lot but the ‘D’ is not really Denel. Denel is a holding company and one of its subsiduaries is PMP who made the case and probably loaded the cartridge. The ‘D’ dates back to before Denel existed. Most of us will be familiar with the ‘A’ on South African military small arms ammo prior to 1983, for example A74. ‘A’ was PMP, as was ‘B’, not really another line but more like a new factory on the same premises. ‘B’ was intended to be a sporting factory but was called in in times of need to make military stuff. They used these factory codes in much the same was as the Germans used theirs in WW2. ‘C’ is believed to be Swartklip in Cape Town who made more 40mm grenades, 37mm, 38mm batons, rather than small arms ammo. Also shotshells for the military, police & civilian markets. ‘D’ is the facility at PMP that makes the medium bore cases.

Thanks a lot Will for this information. :)


Thanks for clarifying the meaning of the letters in the headstamps on South African made cartridge cases.