South African 7,62x51 unknown, safe round model?

Hello to everybody, first of all, I think I must introduce myself, my name is Diego, I’m a spanish collector member of AECC (Spanish Association of Collectors of Cartuchería). I’ve read some post of this forum when I have any doubts about new cartridges, and I think is one of the best places to learn a lot about this world. And now is time to participate:

My question is about a South African 7,62x51 (as the tittle saids), headstamp 85 12, brass case and non magnetic hollow point bullet, it looks filled with some white plastic. I have it cassified as M12A2, but I don’t find any abot it and I don´t know anyting about it, the only thing I found was in this web ( -the lower part of the web-), here talks about “safety round”, but it has a base of the case painted red, and mine is not painted. Some body can tell me some aout it? I try to upload some pics.

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In the last pic you can se (sorry for the pic quality) the white plastic or something inside or the bullet (on the rigth), the two rounds are from

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Welcome here Diego!

Not having an answer but the bullet looks like it is along the design of the Glaser Safety Slugs.
The material that makes up for the core appears to be fine grained lead shot with the said white platsic or rubber plug.

Thank you for your welcome and your answer eod, the truth is that it is very similar to the Glaser Safety Slug, it is a good step to try to know something more about this cartridge.

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Diego, let’s see when Daan gets back here, he wrote the piece on the South African 7.62x51 and sure can say more.

Hola Diego,

It is a PMP experimental bullet designated “Safety Slug” that is loaded with graphite coated lead dust shot and closed with a Teflon plug.



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Thanks so much Fede, as always, you have a interesting answer, I going to classified it as Safety slug.

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