South African FARM GUARD shotshell


One of my friends has this shotgun cartridge. Does anyone have information about it please?

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Sounds like something “less lethal”, I want to know too…

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In South Africa something named “farm guard” is unlikely to be LTL in my view.

I like the cartridge!

Let’s hear our South African friends on this one.


In Afrikanns it translates as “Place Wait”?
There must be something in syntax, or maybe a maker or supplier?
Cool either way.

A nice buckshot load will make them waiting for ever, no?

As a guess I would think it to be a bird scare shell, but hopefully some one will know. Is it a 12 gage?

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It was made by Swartklip.


Yes Pete, 12 guage.

Plaaswag on Google translate is Farm Watch. My friend is South African and reads Afrikaans.

Ah, thanks, that makes more sense!
I did not try it as one word, I was looking at it as written on the shell.

It seems like this cartridge is a Swartklip production beanbag load.

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nice to know thanks