South African swap Trade

Hi, so can the South Africans on this site swap and trade between ourselves here?

The general forum rule is that any sort of buy / sell / trade talk or offers is for thebuy/sell/trade folder only. For access to post in that folder requires being a paid IAA member.

Apologies, I meant it as a general discussion as there are no site like this in South Africa. Please feel free to delete the thread.

When you’re an IAA member and can post on the WTS Forum you will be free to say "WTS - RSA Only.

Thank you for the clarification Jonnyc.


If you are not an IAA member it easy to join by subscribing to the IAA Journal and best of all the digital version of the Journal is only $25/year.

Then you can request access to the WTS Forum and post there all you like.

Private message sent.

Thank You bdgreen

Thank you Sir.