South american wholesellers


Have you any info about these SFM customers in South america :

Angel Muzzio & Hijos Rosario (Argentina)
San Pedro
Jose Claudio de Suza (perhaps Spain)
Francisco Cimino



Interesting information that Francisco Cimino was SFM customer. Could you please provide more information about it?

Francisco Cimino managed a local company (Montevideo, Uruguay) called "Armeria Cimino) that import and sell guns and accessories.
I have several shotshells but the majority have a head-stamp from Italy and Belgium. There are other units headstamp just “Calibre” and the gauge number and few are found with the bran in the headstamp (Armeria Cimino). I have never see units with France stamp.
Hear are some pictures:



LH is likely Lacroix Hermanos, Mexico. They had centerfire cartridges made for them by SFM and UMC.


For Daniel

  1. Do the shotshells in the box bear the mention “Fabricado in Italia” or not ?
    And they are yellow ?

  2. Here is what I found right now :
    an order for manufacture of closure cartons from 1927

  3. I will search among the drawings if I have other info.

thanks again

For Curtiss

  1. LH on the hstp ctges were sold to J. Galbai in Paris who was an exporter.
    I don’t know if the final user was Lacroix Hermanos. Surely if people say that.
    Here is an example:

2) Do you know if they were selling shotshells ? And if yes what was the hstp




That is very nice information, please let me know if you can have the drawings. Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately I do not have any unit with the headstamp showed in this document.

The units labeled Made in Italy come form different manufactures (Fiocchi, Martignoni, Leon).

There are other units with the same artwork labeled Made in Germany. These units have the heatstamp Armeria Cimino. It would be nice to know the manufacturer.

There are units that were made in Belgium.

There are other units that most probably were made locally as the headstamp is “Calibre” and the gouge number. There are other few with different artwork that only has the brand “Faisan” and the legend Made in Uruguay.

Again, thanks for sharing this information!