South Bank


A gunsmith called Halls in South Bank.
England or somewhere else?


South Bank usually refers to the south bank of the Thames in London But whether it does in this case is not clear.


J-P: I don’t know if this relates, and I don’t have any date for this firm other than a guess based on other information, but there was a John Hall & Son at 79 Cannon Street, London EC4, and Faversham Powder Mills, Faversham, Kent. He was a maker of black powder and possibly also “semi-smokeless” propellant, whatever that is.

"Hall may also have loaded shotgun cartridges, although this has never been confirmed, and eventually amalgamated with Curtis’s & Harvey.

“Curtis’s & Harvey amalgamated with John Hall & Company of Faversham, Kent, during the First World War,…”

I have no way to know from your question if this is even possibly the person you are inquiring about, but aside from a John Hall, London gunsmith operatin in the very early 1700s, he is the only one I can find anything on. It is likely, making black powder and early smokeless powder, that he was operating before WWI as well, probably in the latter part of the 19th Century up to and possibly after WWI.

Again, I cannot say for sure that this is the man you are looking for, but it is the best information I can provide.

Reference: “The Greenhill Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers,” by john Walter, pages 139 and 224-225.

John Moss


Thanks Vince and John

It must be this guy (except if South bank is existing in South Africa or Australia)
The only info I have is the order in 1908 and that

Thanks to you both


There may be a link between the South Bank address and the Cannon Street address, Cannon St is a road on the north side of the Thames. It runs parallel to the River about a few hundred yards north of the present bank of the Thames but would have been at the water edge in earlier times. The land in between has all been reclaimed over the years. Its name is an obvious indicator of London’s maritime past. It is however directly opposite the area still known as South Bank.
The South Bank is not the sort of area you would have expected to find a shop but it would be the location for a warehouse,