South West Show

The South West Cartridge Show is rapidly approaching. It is March 22 thru 24 at the Ben Avery Shooting Range just north of Phoenix, Arizona on Highway 17. The actual address is 4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85086 in the Clay Target Pavilion. We had 32 tables sold as of a few days ago and we hope to get a good turn out. If you are in the area please stop by.

WOW sounds good to me see you there!

Table are cheap $20 for WSCCA members & only #$25 for non-members.

Grab your extras & do some trading or selling!

Plus lots of good ‘want list’ stuff.

Count me in. I’m flying in from Michigan to see this show.

I joined the IAA last year and this will be my first “official” cartridge show, so I’m really looking forward to it (along with some warm, sunny weather)!

To be accurate, I am going to be in AZ for business, but the timing worked out right!


Lucky you! Plan a business trip to PA around August 16-17!

I’ll have to see about PA in August. First I want to see if I can attend SLICS next month!

I wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in putting on the South West show (my first one!).

I brought my brother along (who is not a cartridge collector) and even he was impressed! The only problem I had was too many cartridges and not enough wallet :-)

I picked up a few goodies from Pete, Lou Behling and Rick Montgomery:

.60 Cal US Machine Gun Ball F A 47
.350 Rigby flanged (400/350 Nitro Express) RIGBY 350. CASE MADE IN AUSTRIA
6.5x54 K Mauser DWM K K 457A
6.5x40R Tesching N G 6,5X40
.22 Simplex (.22-06) F A 57
5.56x45 XM858(?) training, alum case, blue plastic bullet SEL S 90 (Lou gave me this one)
56-46 Spencer Short UMC (no H/S)
5x68 Mondragon POLTE MAGDEBURG
6.5x58R Sauer PS * * 6.5x58R (I got this one from a fellow at the 2nd to last table in the back, but don’t know his name)

As you can see, I collect any cartridge that catches my eye.

Also, extra thanks to Pete for helping me get them shipped back to Michigan!

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I am glad you and your brother could make it. We were worried about the new venue outside of Phoenix, but it turned out great. I think we sold forty tables. I am sure that I saw you there. Hope to see you next year.
Joe Goforth

your welcome Larry, nice to meet everyone & see you at SLICS I hope?

Hi Joe,

We were there from around noon to 2pm on Saturday. I know SLICS is much bigger, but I’ve never seen so many cartridges in one place! There was a very nice variety of interesting stuff (and quite a few that I was sad to leave behind).

I am hoping to make it a regular event, since we are working on relocating to AZ. The venue was great and I was impressed by the sheer size of the Ben Avery Shooting Range (1650 acres!). We did have a little trouble finding the Clay Target Pavilion at first, but found someone that knew where to send us and then it was no problem.

Hi Pete,

We all enjoyed meeting you and your wife in person, along with some of the others at the show.

I was really hoping to get to SLICS, but the timing just isn’t working out this time. The house we are renting temporarily before moving to AZ has gone up for sale, so I have to be focused on getting our relocation done in the next few weeks. But that will also be good, since we enjoy AZ so much. So looks like it will be next year for SLICS.

Good luck with the move. As we said if we can be of help…

& next year in Louie is OK too.