Southern Cartridge Co box help

A friend recently sent me some photos and asked if I had any info on this 22 box. Southern Cartridge Company. It is out of my study area and with the .22id website out of commission I turn to you folks. Any information would be appreciated.

This is from the old 22 Box ID website. This one would be the an LR-3.

It’s a fairly hard to find box.


The Southern Cartridge Co. Houston, Texas was
chartered on July 30, 1923. Principals were Harry E. Sherman.
W.C. Munn & R.C. Fulbright. The company forfeited their
charter on November 25, 1929.

After the Company folded. Harry Sherman & his brother Louie
went to work for the Western Cartridge Company which
also purchased their ammunition equipment.
The Southern Cartridge Co.also
sold shotshells headstamped: So. C. Co., No. 12, Retriever.

Thanks much - I’ll pass this on