hello everyone, please any info
Is it a souvenir of World War I?
The wooden pedestal is not original


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A very nice example of WW1 Trench Art.

Can you provide measurements of the “projectile” and the steel base it is mounted on?

Pictures of other examples of Trench Art:


Trench art is one possibility but from Autro-Hungary we also know such miniature artillery shells made by the actual ammo manufacturers as advertizements or hand outs to potential customers (i.e. all sorts of commissions & representatives etc.).
Nice item!

the size of the steel base is 103x80 mm.
the projectile is 75 mm long, the body diameter is 23.0 mm and the ring diameters are 24.0 and 24.5 mm

The soldier on the left looks to be Austrian (cap, lace-up ankle boots) while the other one is obviously German

thank everyone for the answers.
Another “modern” souvenir from the Eastern Bloc (Czechoslovakia):


Once uppon a time this was a 57x348SR case for the S-60 AA gun (Soviet design).

thank EOD,
this vase was made by my father during “compulsory military service”. This caliber is too “big” for me :). My interest is about the cartridge only up to 20 mm.
Only for interest, any info about the s-60 AA guns?

Luger, here some internet basics on it:

Here plenty of images: