Soviet 12.7 x 108 MG Rounds

Hey Guys,

I picked up at a local show this weekend 6 live Soviet 12.7 x 108 rounds, 5 I believe are B32 API rounds…they have the black/red tip, no sealant (or clear) and are headstamped 188, N, K (the N is the backwards cryllic N…). I believe I found the manufacture years from a previous thread, 1955 and 1956 I believe…what is the factory?

Also one round is I believe a BZT, as it has the black/red tip, with red primer annulus and case mouth sealant, it is headstamped 188, 67…so same factory, 1967 manufacture.

Neat rounds, i was happy to pick them up…

NK is the Yugoslav Igman factory. You will sometimes see their code as IK.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my description…actually 3 of the B32 rounds are headstamped 188 at 12 o clock, stars at 3 and 9, and K at 6…the other two are 188, stars, and the backwards “N”…so I assume the 188 is the factory, and the K and N codes are year codes…If I am correct, what factory is 188?

Factory 188 is the Novosibirsk Low-Voltage Equipment Works, Novosibirsk, Russia. They use the initials “LVE” as a headstamp designator on commercial ammunition.

A backwards “N” is the letter-code date of 1955 and the letter “K” irepresents 1956.

BZT rounds have purple/red color tip


The use of the colored seals did not begin until about 1962, and they do not have any identification purpose. You 1950’s dated rounds would not have the seals, but the 1967 dated one would, but all are the “API” type if they have the black over red tip color. As was mentioned, the “APIT” type has a purple over red tip and is quite obviously different looking than the API.


Ok, thanks for the info, I was going on what is in Huon’s book on Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges…