Soviet 12.7mm MG round with HEI bullet


I am offering a Soviet WWII machine gun cartridge with MDZ-46 HEI bullet.
These types were used during WWII in aircraft machine guns and are very hard to find.

The item shown below is completely inert (base of projectile was sawn off and filler removed - a truely “Russian” way to inert this projectile. - I am still wondering how the guy who did this survived it.) The case is dated 1941 and is empty (pulled projectile). I only have a single cartridge of that type.

During Armin Bickl’s auction last year a cartridge like this achieved a selling price of just over 300 Euros. I would be asking vor 150 Euros (190 US $).
In this case the price includes overseas shipping.

Please contact me through email if yo are interested, thanks!
Chris (