Soviet 23mm GSh-6-23 belt link wanted


Hi everybody!

I just registered to the forum and would like to start with a first posting.

I am looking for a single (or more if possible) belt link for the Soviet 23mm aircraft cannon GSh-6-23. This is a 6-barrel Gatling gun that comes in two versions: One with belt link and one with linkless feed mechanism.
A photo of the belt link is attached. The caliber that fist is a standard 23x115.

I have some rare Czech belt links for the 20x102 Plamen aircraft cannon and the experimental 14.5x114 heavy machine gun that I could offer as trades. Unfortunately I don


I have these and will dig some out. Prefer cartridges in trade.


Just for information, there are at least 2 variants for the shape (square and round base tab) and two surface treatments (gloss grey or matt black).

Sorry Chris, I don’t have any spare,