Soviet 23x260mm Cartridge

Had the pleasure of adding this beauty to the collection, so I thought I would show some photos.

Soviet 23x260mm Case Telescoped cartridge for the R-23 Rikhter autocannon. Appears to be a Target Practice projectile.

Used on the Tu-22 “Blinder” super sonic bomber. Was very secret for a time until the Soviets exported the Tu-22 to Iraq & Libya. It uses a very unique forward loading revolver mechanism to feed a single barrel. Also is the only autocannon fired from a space station!

Super thrilled with this one, one of my holy grails! As such I made a little plexiglass stand for it.


Nice one!

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Unique in a service weapon, but there have been some experimentals: in the pic below, the 5th round from the right, with the tiny rim, is a US T268 30mm round (there were two case lengths) for the T168 reverse-loading revolver, made for the same reason as the R-23.

Mauser also developed some reverse-loading recoilless revolvers firing combustible-case 30mm and 35mm ammo around the end of the 1990s.


Very nice round & very interesting.

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