Soviet .30-40 Krag ? Help ID

Maybe someone has information about .30-40 Krag production in the USSR.
Presumably the mid-1930s. The cartridge been got in the Russian Far East.
Brass case, Berdan primer (two holes). SP bullet in SCW jacket (tipical for USSR jackets).
The diameter of the primer is nearly identical to the diameter of theprimer from the cartridge .25-20 production of the USSR before WW2 (second foto both headstamps).

I have heard that from 1906 to late into the 1920s, Olaf Swenson Company traded goods, including firearms and ammo to inhabitants of the areas directly across from Alaska, down to the Kamchatska peninsula and the ports around the Sea of Okhotsk.

Russian or Soviet ammunition factories certainly have and had the capability to produce any caliber needed but would they have done so for a caliber that, to me, would seem to have been used rarely in the Soviet Union ? (With my limited knowledge in this area, I could certainly be wrong). Is it possible the cartridge was made by FN ?, CRB ?, SFM ?, DWM ? and imported ?
Regardless of who and when, it is a very nice cartridge.
Edit to add the UK companies that might have been possible makers: Kynoch, Eley, BMMCo, G&B, etc.


We know other “foreign” calibers from this time period which were made in the USSR/Russia.
I have no proof of course but I would not rule out a Russian production.

Thanks for answers. I think that the foreign cartridges also were delivered to Soviet Russia, but some calibers are made on the spot.
For example, the previously mentioned .25-20 Soviet production.
And … .45 ACP. Next to the Soviet case without HS can see the German case in the same period (Geco. many of these cartridges are located in Ukraine in the field of fighting). It is very likely that the Soviet case was made under the influence of German technology.
In this regard, it is not surprising that the Soviet Union could produce a limited batch of .30-40 cartridges.

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